Dragonfly Story Helps Explain the Cycles of Life and Death

Beautiful Dragonfly Story about Loss and Change | Helps Families Discover Answers to Life's Mysteries through Nature | A Mom's Choice Awards® Recipient:

This award-winning book will help children identify the beauty and hope in all cycles of life as they follow two insects, Lea and Nym, and the struggles Nym endures when her friend disappears from their underwater home in the marsh. This is a tender story about loss and change, written to help parents and adults express their views about life and death. It has been adapted into theatrical performances in various communities to help children cope with the death of their classmates, friends, and relatives.  
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For Teachers or Counselors:

  • Adults who work with children find this book useful because it encourages some children to talk more comfortably about their unique feelings associated with a death.
  • Children may identify with Nym, who grieves the loss of her friend, and find it easier to express their feelings about a loss after hearing the story.
  • Some teachers follow-up with a discussion either one-on-one, in-class, or through a writing assignment.
  • For those interested in nature, this book includes the real life cycle of the dragonfly at the end.
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For Parents:

  • Through a vision or dream, Nym learns that Lea has transformed into a beautiful dragonfly above the marsh.
  • Someday, Nym will see her friend again in this new world.
  • Parents and grandparents often interpret Lea's transformation as a metaphor for heaven or as an analogy to life after death.
  • In this way, the core message of the story becomes one of hope for those who grieve the loss of someone.
  • See a child psychologist's comments to parents about this book.

The Dragonfly Door may serve many purposes, such as comforting a grieving child or providing facts about dragonflies. Beautifully illustrated by Barbara L. Gibson, the book is cherished by parents, grandparents and teachers.


While Nym slept, she heard Lea's voice saying, "Follow me, Nym. I'm going to show you where I am." "Will I see you again?" Nym asked. "Only when it's time for you to die too," Lea replied. "You won't see me in the marsh ever again. But let me show you what I will look like the next time you see me. Here, close your eyes." Nym closed her eyes. "Now look at me," Lea said. Nym opened her eyes and saw ...

Customer Comment: 

"I gave two copies of The Dragonfly Door. One to a Mom that lost her 28 year old daughter and one to a friend that lost her Mother. Each time I have given your book each person tells me how much hope and encouragement the book gives them. People remember the special thing you did for them when you give The Dragonfly Door because most people do a meal, flowers, or a donation in memory of their loved one but few people give a book that brings hope and encouragement to them.  They remember for a very long time."


"The warm, emotional colors ... illustrate this highly recommended picturebook for sharing the bittersweet realities of life with young people." 
-- The Midwest Book Review

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The Dragonfly Door
US $9.99 / Paperback
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40 pages, Ages 5 to 9
Publish Date: 2007 & 2013
ISBN-13: 978-1-934066-12-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-934066-16-4 

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  Winner Mom's Choice Awards
  Winner Evelyn Thurman Award
   Winner Benjamin Franklin Award
   Finalist National Best Books

Summary of The Dragonfly Door ...

A dragonfly story about loss and change to help explain a death to a child.
A beautifully illustrated book to capture a child's imagination.
A bereavement tool to show children how someone grieving might feel.
A memorial gift in memory of someone special.
A parenting tool to help parents express their views about life and death.
A teacher's story to help lead discussions on death and loss.
A story for sunday school teachers to help lead discussions on afterlife.
A bereavement tool for counselors to assist in their work with children.
A metaphor for heaven to help parents and grandparents talk about life after death.
A fictional nature story to show the natural cycles of life.
A transformation story that parallels the butterfly's metamorphosis and change.